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Wound Healing Potential of a Herbomineral Skin Ointment: A Comparative Study

Pandey D K1, Dwivedi P K1, Sharfuddin C2, and Kumar P3
1. P G Department Govt. Ayurvedic College, Patna, Bihar
2. Department of Botany, Patna University, Bihar
3. Department of Veterinary Physiology, Bihar Vetenerary College, Patna, Bihar
Abstract—In the present study the ointment is a combination of herbs and minerals where the chief constituents are copper sulphate, mercury, sulphur, lead oxide, and a herb named kampillaka (Mallotus phillipinensis) prepared in a buffer ghee at a ratio of ¼:1:1:2:4:16. After trituration of minerals it converts into black sulphide of mercury (kajjali) and later mixed with herb and ghee keeping two important concepts of ointment formation in consideration that is, fusion method and geometrical dilution method. For a comparative study of this herbomineral ointment with framycetin, the wounds were developed on the dorsolateral flank of the albino mice. All albino mice were kept into two groups one to be treated with herbomineral ointment and other with framycetin. They were kept in polypropylene cage and maintained in standard laboratory conditions of temperature (22±20°C) and light dark cycle of 12:12 hours. Later, the test animals were examined for temperature, body weight, and feeding habits. The healing of wound was calculated by a prescribed standard formula. Dressing of the wound was also made at regular intervals. The mean of the data were placed in the table considering all cardinal features. The statistical analysis showed better result in herbomineral ointment in comparison to the framycetin. 

Index Terms—herbomineral ointment, framycetin, wounds, dressing, healing

Cite: Pandey D K, Dwivedi P K, Sharfuddin C, and Kumar P, "Wound Healing Potential of a Herbomineral Skin Ointment: A Comparative Study," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 42-49, July 2012.
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