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Quantitative-Traits and Blood-Biochemical Characterization of White Bornu and Red Sokoto Goat Breeds in Nigeria

Otoikhian C. S. O.
Novena University, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, PMB 2, Kwale-ogume, Delta State, Nigeria.
Abstract—A total of 173 animals comprising 85 Bornu White and 86 Red Sokoto breeds from Borno State of Nigeria were used. The Bornu White breed was significantly different ( p \< 0.01) from the Red Sokoto in body weight, height at withers, heart-girth, and body length. The Limb parts did not differ significantly, although greater values still persisted. In the Bornu White; parts of the hind limb were however significantly different ( p \< 0.05). Considering breed and sex, the Bornu White males weighted heaviest and had highest body measurements for all the body parts measured, this should be an advantage for its use as a meat animal. The females were also larger than the Red Sokoto females, thus suggesting a higher potential for milk production. Correlation and regression coefficients of linear body measurements on body weight were high in Bornu White males (r 㰰〷㐾 0.73) and (b 㰰〷㐾 0.72) for height withers, heart girth and body length, values for the Red Sokoto breed (r 㰰〷㐾 0.34) for body length and height for height at withers and heart girth r = 0.77 and 0.89 respectively. Results obtained from the biochemical analysis of blood showed higher frequency for Tf A (P = 0.84) in Bornu white and the Red Sokoto had comparatively higher frequently for Tf B (q = 0.33).

Index Terms—Traits, Blood-biochemical, Characterization, Goat, Breeds

Cite: Otoikhian C. S. O., "Quantitative-Traits and Blood-Biochemical Characterization of White Bornu and Red Sokoto Goat Breeds in Nigeria," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp.241-249, October 2012.
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