Effect of Artemisinin Liposome and Artemisinin Liposome Polyethyleneglycol on Mcf-7 Cell Line - Volume 2, No.1, January, 2013 - IJLBPR
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Effect of Artemisinin Liposome and Artemisinin Liposome Polyethyleneglycol on Mcf-7 Cell Line

Dadgar Neda1, Norouzian Dariush 2, Chiani Mohsen 2, Ebrahimi Shamabadi Hassan 2, Mehrabi Seyed Mohammadreza 2, Farhanghi Ali2, and Azim Akbarzadeh 2
1. Department of Agricultural Engineering, Research and Science Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
2. Pilot Nano-biotechnology Department, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Tehran 13164, Iran.
Abstract—One of the challenges in applicability of a drug is a compromise between its effectiveness and side effects. Nano liposomal drug delivery systems enable the delivery of high concentration of drug with a possible targeting of specific cells or organs. This article reports the efficacy of artemisinin nano liposome, artemisinin nano liposome polyethyleneglycol on breast cancer cell line (MCF -7 cell line). Liposomes were prepared by reverse phase evaporation method. Phophatidylcholine, cholesterol and artemisinin were combined together at certain concentrations in this method. The stability of the prepared formulation was increased by pegylattion (polyethyleneglycol 2000). The diameter of the nano liposomes were instrumentally determined by Zetasizer. The results showed that encapsulation and release of artemisinin from only liposomated formulation was more than pegylated form. This study also revealed that the cytotoxicity effect of artemisinin liposome polyethyleneglycol was more than that of artemisinin liposome.

Index Terms—Artemisinin, Cytotoxicity, IC 50

Cite: Mohammed Saleh Al. Ansari, "Design of Sustainable Chemical Processes and Supply Chain Management System," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 349-355, January 2013.
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