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Molecular Characterization and Methylotrophic Activities of Pseudomonas Spp. from Lonar Lake

Tambekar D. H. and A. L. Pawar
Sant Gadge Baba Amaravati University, Amravati - 444602 (MS)
Abstract—Lonar Lake is a saline ecosystem formed entirely on basalt rock. It is a completely closed system a favors the growth of alkalophiles and halophiles. The Pseudomonas spp play a major role for conserving environment by utilizing toxic C 1 carbon compound and reduces the pollution produced by methanol, green houses gases etc. In present study, methylotrophic bacterial isolateswere isolated from water and sediment of Lonar Lake using minimal salt medium containing 2% (v/v) methanol as sole carbon and energy source. Total six bacterial strains were isolated and characterized morphologically, biochemically and identified as Pseudomonas aeruginosa by 16S rRNA sequencing. These Pseudomonas strains were further screened for its ability to utilize methanol by Spectrophotometric method. Results showed that the isolates ALP4 and ALP6 of Pseudomonas strains are found to be highly efficient methanol utilizerand could be effectively use for bioremediation by reducing methanol at polluted sites and also helpful in reducing C 1 compound, and global warming gases from environment.

Index Terms—Lonar Lake, Methylotrophs, Bioremediation, Methanol and Pseudomonas

Cite: Tambekar D. H. and A. L. Pawar, "Molecular Characterization and Methylotrophic Activities of Pseudomonas Spp. from Lonar Lake," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 142-148, April 2013.
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