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Saccharification of Agro-Wastes by Endoxylanase from Streptomyces sp OM 09

Rina Rani Ray
Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, Kolkata, India.
Abstract—Extracellular endoxylanse produced by Streptomyces sp. OM 09 was used for the bioconversion of various hemicellulosic agro wastes of which dried grass was proved to be the best followed by sugarcane bagasse. Highest amount of sugar production was achieved in presence of 1.0% (w/v) of substrate using 180U of enzyme. The maximum amount of bioconversion was accomplished within 30 min of incubation. The optimum pH and temperature for such bio- conversion was found to be at 6.0 and 60 ¡ãC respectively. The amount of sugar production was enhanced in presence of Fe 2+ and Sr 2+ . Such bioconversion of dried grass, a potential yard waste into xylose and xylooligosaccharides may be commercially implemented for production of sugar and bio alcohol at a nominal cost.

Index Terms—Dried grass, Endoxylanase, Saccharification, Streptomyces, Xylose

Cite: Rina Rani Ray, "Saccharification of Agro-Wastes by Endoxylanase from Streptomyces sp OM 09," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 165-170, April 2013.
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