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Extensive Physiological Studies on the Influence of β-Glucosidase on Starch Biosynthesis and Degradation in Transgenic Pollen

Bright Chima Megbo
Professor of Biological Sciences Education, Commonwealth Open University, British Virgin Islands, UK.
Abstract—The transgenic tobacco pollen development was divided into six developmental stages/phases which correlated with distinct cytological characteristics. On the basis of microscopic and histochemical studies, using X-glc (5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl- β -D-glycopyranoside) as substrate, β -glucosidase activity was found in half the pollen of the transgenic tobacco plants. Detection of the 㰰〴㔾 -glucosidase ( Zm-p60.1 ) was achieved using β-glucosidase histochemical and biochemical assays. The activities of selected enzymes of sucrose metabolism (UDPG- pyrophosphorylase) and starch metabolism (ADPG-pyrophosphorylase, starch-phosphorylase, and amylase) were biochemically analyzed. Histochemical studies with potassium iodide revealed that 50% of the pollen of the positive plants (i.e. tobacco plants expressing β -glucosidase activity) exhibited normal starch accumulation. Biochemical determination of starch revealed that the pollen expressing Z m-p60.1 contained significantly lower amount of starch in comparison to the pollen from negative plants (i.e., tobacco plants not expressing β -glucosidase activity). About 50% of the pollen population expressing Zmp-60.1 had decreased starch content. The same starchless pollen exhibited β-glucosidase activity.

Index Terms—β-glucosidase, Zm-p60.1 , Enzymes, Starch biosynthesis, Transgenic tobacco, Transcription inhibitors, Pollen, etc.

Cite: Mohammed Saleh Al. Ansari, "Design of Sustainable Chemical Processes and Supply Chain Management System," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 261-273, April 2013.
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