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Review of Spermatological Issues in Fishes

Judith Betsy C and Stephen Sampath Kumar J
Department of Inland Aquaculture, Fisheries College & Research Institute, Tuticorin, India - 628 008
Abstract—Reproduction in fishes is controlled by hormones and external factors. The quality of semen also has a role in the effective fertilization of the ova as the fertilization is in vitro and there are many possibilities for the failure. Like higher animals, in fishes too the spermatological parameters assume importance due to the reasons of need for high quality seeds and stock size fishes for the farm production. Seminal plasma together with the gametes has been studied well for about half century and notable findings have been documented. These results and observations in various fishes help planning for the breeding programs and also preservation of the spermatozoa. Reports from different authors have been compiled aspect wise for different species of fishes. A general opinion on the fish spermatozoa can be derived from results and observations were discussed in this line. 

Index Terms—fish spermatozoa, density, motility, milt ph, dilution, motility duration

Cite: Judith Betsy C and Stephen Sampath Kumar J, "Review of Spermatological Issues in Fishes," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 72-84, July 2014.
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