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Shrinkage Predication of Human Tooth Manufactured Through 3D Printing

Shinn-Liang Chang1, Cheng-Hsun Lo1, Cho-Pei Jiang1, Shyh-Yuan Lee2 and Yuan-Min Lin2
1 Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Formosa University, Huwei, Yunlin, Taiwan
2 Department of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University, Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan
Abstract—The traditional dental prostheses components often need to be molded by the plaster, it makes the patients uncomfortable. After the mold is taken from the patient’s mouth, it then be used as the coarse mold for further casting and sintering. The shape is then modified by CNC machining to fit the patient. However, it is difficult to confirm adaptation of tooth installed in patient’s mouth. If adaptation of tooth is not suitable, the tooth will be taken out soon. The reason is that the teeth are decayed again in the future and cause bad breath. The above steps are not only time-consuming, high cost, but also easily cause patient’s discomfort and medical problems. The 3D printing method for the human teeth is another choose of the manufacture. CAE analysis and experimental design investigated here could be applied to predict shrinkage of different dentures shape. Then the dentures shape can be reversed amplifier. It will be close to patient requirement who needs the precise dentures shape, also it can avoid complicated procedure of CNC machining and reduce dentists finishing time.

Index Terms—3D printing, Tooth, CAE analysis

Cite: Shinn-Liang Chang, Cheng-Hsun Lo, Cho-Pei Jiang, Shyh-Yuan Lee and Yuan-Min Lin, "Shrinkage Predication of Human Tooth Manufactured Through 3D Printing," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 66-70, January 2015.
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