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Assessment of Aquaculture Biosecurity Measures in Bataan, Philippines

Rudy C. Flores1, Mark Nell C. Corpuz2, Felicisima E. Tungol2, Armando A. Villafuerte2, and Abraham S. Antonio2
1.Research, Extension and Auxiliary Services, Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU), City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines
2.Institute of Fisheries, BPSU, Orani, Bataan, Philippines
Abstract—An assessment of the biosecurity strategies of selected fishponds in Bataan was conducted to determine the present status of biosecurity measures being practiced by selected fishpond operators in Bataan, Philippines. It aims to evaluate the extent of implementation of the three thematic areas of biosecurity namely—physical facilities and pond design (1), biosecure aquaculture management (2), and disease control and prevention program (3) Forty (40) pond operators participated in the survey. The present study revealed an alarming deprived knowledge of the respondents regarding the aforementioned issue. Likewise, the compliance of most of the fish farmers in different biosecurity standards was observed to be poor (44.64%) to fair (12.61%). This study, however, was able to recognize risk areas that can still be further developed, and was able to identify stakeholders whom require capacity-building regarding the principles and measures of biosecurity for improved aquaculture production.

Index Terms—aquaculture, biosecurity, disease, fishponds, Penaeus monodon

Cite:Rudy C. Flores, Mark Nell C. Corpuz, Felicisima E. Tungol, Armando A. Villafuerte, and Abraham S. Antonio, "Assessment of Aquaculture Biosecurity Measures in Bataan, Philippines," International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 189-192, October 2015.

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